Bishop Charles Lowe


Founder and Pastor of the Spirit and Truth Fellowship Temple in Philadelphia , PA received his early christian education at the Refuge Church of Christ under the great teaching of Bishop McKinley Williams. Charles served in many capacities at Refuge such as Choir President over several choirs, he has worked on several planning committees, he has displayed leadership skills on the local as well as the national level and has functional as an associate minister of the Refuge Church of Christ.

After the passing of the beloved Bishop McKinley Williams, Charles Lowe became an ordained Elder under his new Pastor, Bishop Lymus Johnson.

Bishop Lowe is a mighty-man for God who was instrumental in the development of the Outreach Community Church in Cleveland, Ohio, has been an organizer of  outreach tent services and ran revivals, preached the gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in varies cities, baptizing men, women and children has served as Pastor at the Straightway Church of Christ for more then three years.


Bishop Willie Thomas
Bishop of Foreign Ministries
Bishop Dwight Daniels
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